Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining Questions

What are the Cloud Mining fees?
For electricity and maintenance, we take a fee. Please click here for information on the fee.

Why do the electricity/maintenance fees increase?
This is all described right here.

How long are the Cloud Mining rentals and contracts?
Prior to October 11 2014, GHS/KHS contracts had no expiration. Old contracts are not affected. New contracts and rentals, mined or purchased after October 11 2014, are now limited in term for 5 years going forward. See your History tab for expiration dates.

Can I sell my Cloud Mining?
No, you cannot sell the cloud shares at this time. This is because we own the hardware and do not want to be stuck if everyone decides to sell at once.

Can I buy Cloud Mining with credit card/USD?
Yes, but please keep in mind you cannot sell or convert the Cloud Mining.

Can I buy Cloud Mining with cryptocurrency?
Yes, deposit the cryptocurrency and then convert it to your choice of Cloud Mining.

What are the maximums/minimums when making a credit card purchase to buy Cloud Mining?
The minimum is 1.0 GHS and 10.0 KHS and there is no maximum at this time.

Can I buy a Cloud Mining that mines in Scrypt?
You can use the Cloud Mining SHA-256 hashing power to mine other currencies by automatically converting them as you mine, but the earnings will still be tied to SHA-256/Bitcoin difficulty, not Scrypt/Litecoin difficulty.

What is the difference between Cloud Mining SHA-256 and Cloud Mining Scrypt?
One is tied to the difficulty in mining SHA-256 cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and the other is tied to the difficulty in mining Scrypt cryptocurrency (Litecoin). This means that if history is any indication of the future, then the Cloud Mining Scrypt won't decrease as fast as the Cloud Mining SHA-256.

What does 1 instance of Cloud Mining SHA-256 and Cloud Mining Scrypt equal?
1 of Cloud SHA-256 equates to 1.0 GHS of SHA-256 mining power, while 1 of Cloud Scrypt equates to 1 KHS of Scrypt mining power.

Can I change the pool that my Cloud mines on?
No, you cannot; this may change in the future.

What hardware is behind the Cloud Mining?
The hardware varies from custom ASICs to GPUs. The ASICs are behind the SHA-256 and the GPUs are behind the Scrypt.

Can I RDP (remote desktop) into my Cloud Mining?
No, you cannot at this time; we will run the servers for you.

What is the Cloud Mining Pre-Order?
These are the same as the other Cloud Mining, but they will start mining on a later date. For instance, a Cloud Mining Pre-Order October 2014 will start mining on October 1, 2014.

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